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Index to my compositions

Index to my compositions

Every care has been taken in this collection but do please check anything independently before ringing.
I do know that there are compositions that I have produced that I have not recorded and they are therefore missing from this site. Any information you can let me have about these would be very useful and should be emailed to me at roddy at horton.karoo.co.uk

If you spot any links not working or any other errors please let me know at roddy at horton.karoo.co.uk

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  • Single Methods - Standard 8
  • Single Methods - Non Standard 8
  • Spliced - Bristol Belfast London Glasgow
  • Spliced Series 2-11 (atw)
  • Spliced Series 6-8 (atw)
  • Spliced Series 6-11 (atw)
  • Spliced Series 8-16
  • Spliced Series 8-27
  • Spliced Individual Compositions


  • Single Methods
  • Spliced Series 3-9 (atw)
  • Spliced Series 8-12 (atw)
  • Spliced Series 8-16 (atw)
  • Spliced Series 4-15 (atw)
  • Spliced Individual Compositions


  • Single Methods
  • Spliced - Cyclic
  • Spliced Individual Compositions